Tatum KMS

We know that securely working with private keys can sometimes be confusing and difficult, so we’ve made it super simple. We’ve created Tatum Key Management System (KMS) to ensure the highest level of security provided by an open-source, on-premise, customizable tool.


It’s lightweight, straightforward, and very secure.

With Tatum KMS, your private keys and mnemonics will never leave your perimeter. That way, you can build enterprise-grade, production-ready apps with complete confidence. The built-in four-eyes principle brings top-notch security to your fingerprints!


How to securely store private keys

Private keys and mnemonics are the only things that can unlock your crypto assets and approve transactions. If you lose access to them, you will lose access to your assets forever. Also, when someone else obtains access to your keys, they can steal all your funds.